2018 Audi Q1 Review, Price, News

When we have heard that Audi planned to release one new Q model we thought that there is no need for that. But when we heard that`ll be Q1, as smallest SUV model from Q lineup, we`ve become aware what Audi`s plan is. They want new 2018 Audi Q1 to be favorite among younger customers which lives in big cities and have no time to search for bigger parking place and for those customers which wants to brag about their new SUV. New Q1 is definitely perfect model for that.

2018 Audi Q1 front

2018 Audi Q1 Style and Overview

New 2018 Audi Q1 will definitely look attractive from the outside, it will definitely remain Audi`s way of work. That is great design with even greater functionality. New Q1 have beautiful shape which will help him have better performances as well. Big grille will be place on the front part on new Q1, the one similar to the others Q models. LED lamps are placed inside headlights, fog lights and taillights as well. Of course, Audi will use newly developed way of constructing vehicles, only lightweight materials will be used to create chassis. Aluminum and carbon fiber will be two materials which will make new 2018 Audi Q1 be stronger and faster because of the small weight.

Because of the only spy shots we`ve seen, we still don`t have official information`s of how cabin of new 2018 Audi Q1 should look. We are sure that there will be enough room for 5 passengers inside and that all of them will enjoy maximum level of comfort provided by announced newly designed leather wrapped seats. So many new functions will be installed in new Q1 and they will help this new small-size SUV attract many customers because he’ll become one of the most technologically advanced crossovers.

2018 Audi Q1 rear

2018 Audi Q1 Engine and Fuel consumption

When it comes to Audi, they leave nothing to case. They always want to make everybody happy. Because of that, there will be at least 3 different engine options for new 2018 Audi Q1. First, which could be basic is 1.4-liter petrol 4-cylinder unit which is enough capable to generate 140 hp and 250 Nm of torque amount. Next there could be 1.8-liter petrol TFSI unit with ability to deliver 180 horse power and 277 Nm of torque amount.

Last petrol engine which will be offered is 2.0-liter TFSI with 230 hp and 370 Nm of torque amount. One diesel option must be offered. For new 2018 Audi Q1 that will be 2.0-liter TDI that is able to generate 150 horse power and 320 Nm as maximum torque amount. Two transmission options will be offered, one 6-speed manual and other 7-speed automatic gear box. Both AWD and FWD modes will be offered.

2018 Audi Q1 interior


2018 Audi Q1 Price and Rumors

Small-size will have small price for an SUV, new 2018 Audi Q1 will cost around $20k for his basic trim level, not over that. Release date probably could happen at the beginning of 2018, but some rumors tells us that it can be released at the end of 2017, in December.

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