2018 Dodge Journey Engine, Price

Knowing that mid-size SUV market, new 2018 Dodge Journey can really be all that customers have wanted for a quite long time. We all know that Dodge is more than capable to produce amazing vehicle so new Journey will surely be more than great. Journey is already famous SUV so we know that this new one can make it even better. Dodge don`t really need to create something spectacularly new on this car, all they need to do is to make him stronger. This time, we expect some new engine units and better performances provided by new Journey.

2018 Dodge Journey front

2018 Dodge Journey Exterior and Interior Style, Shape, Review

As we`ve thought, new 2018 Dodge Journey won`t be that different when we compare him with his previous generation. It`s going to remain being built in the same shape and style as before with the same amazing aerodynamic abilities able to produce. What is changed are technology which will be used to create his chassis and body. This time, Dodge will try to use more lightweight materials than ever before. Other than that, all the lights will be improved so the energy wasting will be lowered to minimum. Grille for new 2018 Dodge Journey will be longer and made using only chrome this time. That is maybe the biggest change we can notice on new Journey. It`s going to arrive on 20.0-inch alloy wheels which can make him go off-road great as some other vehicles from his category.

Interior for new 2018 Dodge Journey will be as spacious and cozy as we`re used to see him. This time, his seats will be made usign the finest leather we`ve seen in a while and with the better lumbar support than before. This time, even the basic trim level of 2018 Dodge Journey will have heating and cooling option provided. Infotainment system will be improved this time with brand new safety functions. There will be features such as: rear view camera, parking sensors, blind spot monitors, emergency braking, cruise and traction control, overtaking assist, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection options, satellite radio, navigation system, digital climate controller and many others additionally provided.

2018 Dodge Journey interior

2018 Dodge Journey Engine, Power, Transmission

This time, new 2018 Dodge Journey is announced with two possible engine choices. You can choose which one you want to place under the hood of new Journey. First option will be 2.4-liter 4-cylinder unit. This one can make it supplied with 173 horsepower and with torque amount of 166 lb/ft as maximum. Second, a bit stronger engine will be some V6 unit. This one can generate 283 horsepower and 260 lb/ft as torque amount. This time, both of these engine options will be paired with 6-speed automatic transmission systems. Great thing about them is that now, Dodge will really try to reduce his fuel consumption.

2018 Dodge Journey side

2018 Dodge Journey Price and Estimated Launch Date

Even though we know that new 2018 Dodge Journey can`t be sold under the price of $25.000 we still don`t know his official release date. We know that he`s going to be offered for the customers somewhere around the beginning of March 2018. Not before that period that`s for sure.

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