2018 Ford Bronco Interior, Exterior

Now, when there are so much news about new 2018 Ford Bronco we can`t say what of those are sure and certified. This time, we`ve gather only right details and only the right information`s about new Bronco. There aren`t maybe that much information`s about it, but you can be sure that all of them are positive and true. Take a look at this review to find out what is so special about this huge truck-SUV.

2018 Ford Bronco front

2018 Ford Bronco Exterior and Interior Style, Review

New 2018 Ford Bronco will have that boxy shape that we`ve used to. All the previous versions were boxy so why make this one anything different. That is the shape and style that customers love so they don`t want to risk anything with new Bronco. This new Bronco will be placed on 22.0-inch alloy wheels which can make him look even more muscular and powerful. With this new set of tires he`s going to receive, there won`t be any obstacle for new Bronco. This time, you take him on any off-road course you want.

Front part will be restyled a bit with sharper edges. Headlights will be a bit bigger but biggest improvement will be new set of lamps they`ll receive. Front bumper is slightly reinforced with better materials. 2018 Ford Bronco will have almost his entire chassis made from lightweight but strong materials. There will be more carbon fiber than before in his body. Rear part will be flat and we can`t see some iconic or drastic changes made.

Interior is still well hidden from the eyes of the curious customers. Ford still don`t want to reveal most of the features that will be hidden inside new Bronco. They want to keep it hidden as long as it can be. Because there are such great mystery involved in 2018 Ford Bronco we assume there will be something really special inside. First thing we can come with is that there will be brand new set of seats, probably with both heating and cooling options in some higher or maybe even in a basic trim level.

Instrument board inside new 2018 Ford Bronco will probably suffer biggest changes. This time, we think new Bronco will be way modern. There will be better functions installed but with less buttons on the instrument. Almost all the controls will be transferred to the touchscreen which will be placed on the middle of the instrument board, on the top of it. We think there will be more room inside new Bronco, more than even before. That is surely something that passengers will love.

2018 Ford Bronco interior

2018 Ford Bronco Engine, MPG, Abilities

There is still only one engine unit announced for new 2018 Ford Bronco. This 2.2-liter 4-cylinder EcoBoost unit will be his basic choice. This mighty engine is capable to produce 260 horsepower and maximum torque amount of 300 lb/ft. This engine, as probably all the others, will be paired with 6-speed automatic transmission system. With it, you know that AWD will be offered as basic. Great thing is, even though it still isn`t confirmed, that fuel consumption will be reduced. There will definitely be offered at least two more engine options for new Bronco.

2018 Ford Bronco rear

2018 Ford Bronco Price and Estimated Launch Date

Release date for new 2018 Ford Bronco isn`t yet confirmed but we think it`s going to be released at the beginning of summer 2018, somewhere around July 2018. His starting price should be around $25k but his most demanding trim level could have it doubled easily.

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