2018 Ford Expedition Redesign, MPG

It is about time that we hear something new about 2018 Ford Expedition. To be honest, we have more than great information`s about new Expedition which can make you enjoy this type of SUV more than before. Ford is more than capable to produce amazing vehicle but know, it seems that they`ve managed to overcome themselves. Take a look at new Expedition and see it yourself. We`ve prepared small review about new Expedition. Read it.

2018 Ford Expedition front

2018 Ford Expedition Redesign, Style, Changes

Greatest improvement about new 2018 Ford Expedition is that he`s going to be placed on new platform. That will make him have longer wheelbase and slightly sharper shape than before. With it, new Expedition will be bigger but it`s going to have better aerodynamic abilities. Most of the details on the exterior will keep it`s recognizable look and it`s going to be placed on the same place as before. Headlights will be slightly bigger than they were before but the best thing about them is that they`ll use better lamps.

This time, they`ll use newly developed LED lamps which will be great because they can increase the visibility and safety of this SUV. New 2018 Ford Expedition will be made using lightweight materials and the best thing about it is that the grille will be made using only chrome. Air vents will be bigger which is great because it can provide better cooling for the engine. We know that new Expedition will be placed on 20.0-inch alloy wheels which can make him more than capable to go off-road.

Interior design of new 2018 Ford Expedition will be something really special. As we know that he`s going to be bigger, we know that he can offer more room for the passengers inside. Other than that, customers will definitely enjoy this cabin because biggest part of this cabin will be made using top quality leather. There won`t be plastic used inside new Expedition. As we`ve said, there will be finest leather, this time in combination with wood and chrome. Entire instrument board will be softer to touch and it`s going to be welcomed by the passengers.

All the functions that will be part of the infotainment system of new 2018 Ford Expedition will be carefully picked. There will be features such as: rear view camera, parking sensors, emergency braking, more airbags than ever before, Bluetooth and USB connection, new audio and new navigation system, digital climate controller, adaptive cruise control and so many new functions.

2018 Ford Expedition rear

2018 Ford Expedition Engine, MPG, Power

This time, 2018 Ford Expedition is announced with only one engine option but we expect more than three engine choices to be offered. First and basic choice will be 3.5-literV6 twin turbocharged unit. This one can produce 375 horsepower and 470 lb/ft as maximum torque amount. Together with 10-speed automatic transmission system, it can really make him one of the finest SUVs. This time, it can make him have acceleration time from 0-60 mph in just 6.5 seconds which is more than great time while his top speed is estimated to be 120 mph.

2018 Ford Expedition interior

2018 Ford Expedition Price and Estimated Launch Date

Release date of new 2018 Ford Expedition still isn`t officially announced but we can`t expect it before March 2018. Price for new will be around $47.000 and nothing less.

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