2018 Infiniti QX60 Engine, Release date

Just take a second to watch what will new 2018 Infiniti QX60 look like and you`ll fall in love with him we are sure. We all know how great reputation of QX60 is and we know that it`s going to be even better thanks to this new generation. Infiniti as part of Nissan`s factory is capable to give him really good profit and to give him some new, faithful customers. Infiniti`s secret is in creating amazing luxury vehicles, especially SUVs, so we know new QX60 will really be on the top of the lists.

2018 Infiniti QX60 front

2018 Infiniti QX60 Exterior and Interior Design, Style

Be sure that new 2018 Infiniti QX60 won`t be just refreshed from the outside. He`ll really receive some changes on the exterior. For example, he`s going to be placed on 20.0-inch alloy wheels which are larger than on his previous generation. Then, we know that his front part is redesigned the most. There will be larger grille which will be connected to the thinner and sharper headlights.

Those headlights will be longer and they`re going to use newly developed LED lamps. Those lamps are currently the best thing that car producer can use. They can provide amazing visibility while they use only minimum amount of technology. On the hood, we can see some new lines added to 2018 Infiniti QX60 which will make him classier than before and even increase his price a bit. On the back, we can see a bit larger rear part with all the details bigger than they were. Taillights will also use new lamps and exhaustion pipes are bigger as well.

This time, when it comes to the interior, Infiniti will put their focus on the technology. Previous generation of QX60 had it`s focus on comfort so there is no need to change something big when it comes to the comfort inside this SUV. 2018 Infiniti QX60 will feature the same seats design and the same materials usage. That will be only finest and softest ones. But, when it comes to the technology and functionality, Infiniti will try to make new QX60 be one of a kind.

For example, instrument board will feature less buttons than before which will transfer most of the controls on larger touchscreen placed on the middle of it. Most of the functions from the previous generation will be transferred in this new one with some updates to make it better than before. 2018 Infiniti QX60 will be equipped with some new ones as well. When it comes to those brand new functions, we know that there will be more entertainment ones because safety functions were present in the previous generation as well.

2018 Infiniti QX60 side

2018 Infiniti QX60 Engine, Modifications, Power

There are only few reliable information`s when it comes to the engine options for new 2018 Infiniti QX60. Basic engine is known and shown to the audience. That will be 3.5-liter V6 unit. This engine can produce 270 horsepower and torque amount of 250 lb/ft as maximum. As addition to that option, you`ll probably have to at least one more option to choose between. According to the rumors, that will be fantastic hybrid engine option. Most of the speculations are telling that will be some petrol powered unit which will be combined to the 15 kWh electric motor powered with lithium-ion batteries. We know that engine will save a lot of fuel but we expect it to be extra powerful as well.

2018 Infiniti QX60 rear

2018 Infiniti QX60 Price and Estimated Launch Date

Starting price for new 2018 Infiniti QX60 can`t be under $45.000 while his most demanding trim level can easily go over $60k. Release date is still unsure because Infiniti don`t want to reveal anything about it. Due to that, we must turn and listen what the rumors have to say. They`re telling that new QX60 can`t be available before the April 2018.

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