2018 Jeep Trailcat Concept

Looking at new 2018 Jeep Trailcat Concept we can`t say that he isn`t something we haven`t seen before. First of all, it really looks like he`s based on Wrangler. Jeep don`t want to hide that at all, they`ve confirmed that entire Trailcat idea comes from Wrangler. Biggest difference between these two models is that new Trailcat should be true off-road truck. There are a lot of rumors regarding to new Trailcat and since he`s still just a concept version, that isn`t a surprise. We`ve gathered some of the most important and most probable information`s about upcoming Jeep Trailcat and how could he look.

2018 Jeep Trailcat Concept front

2018 Jeep Trailcat Concept Exterior and Interior Review, Shape

As we`ve mentioned, new 2018 Jeep Trailcat Concept really look like Wrangler with a trunk behind. But, Jeep don`t want him to look that way anymore. This newest Concept version shown will have stronger steel cage, brand new bumpers (front and back one), different doors and slightly reshaped fog lights under the headlights. Taking all that together, new Trailcat will not look as Wrangler anymore. Those are surely great news from Jeep. It seems like they`re really trying to make something new with it. New 2018 Jeep Trailcat Concept will probably be placed on 40.0-inches tires which can make him especially stable. His chassis will be extra strong but made with lightweight materials. Headlights will probably be exactly how they are shown now. Circular shape and decent size. The way that Jeep always made them.

Interior design of new 2018 Jeep Trailcat Concept is also similar to the current version of Wrangler. For example, his dashboard is exactly the same as we can see it in a Wrangler. There will be round shaped climate vents and round shape of all of the buttons inside. Interesting thing about new Trailcat is that he`s going to be offered with room for only two passengers (driver and one passenger). There won`t be second row of seats offered. Also, you will not find radio inside new 2018 Jeep Trailcat Concept. Jeep probably thought that you don`t need to listen music while you`re riding up and down on the mountain or around some dusty and bumpy road. You can find shiny Trailcat sign on the middle of his instrument board which will be really nicely designed this time.

2018 Jeep Trailcat Concept rear

2018 Jeep Trailcat Concept Engine, Power, Performances

We don`t even need to mention that this amazing type of truck deserves to have more than powerful engine under his hood. You know that. This new 2018 Jeep Trailcat Concept will probably work in pair with 6.2-liter V8 Hellcat engine. This powerful machine will be able to generate more than 650 lb/ft as torque amount and who knows how much horsepower. Since we still don`t know exact power amount this truck will be capable to work with we can’t estimate exact performances. But, looking to it, we know that new Trailcat will run from 0-60 mph in somewhere close to the 4.2 seconds while his top speed can easily be over 170 mph.

2018 Jeep Trailcat Concept side

2018 Jeep Trailcat Concept Price and Estimated Launch Date

Starting price for new 2018 Jeep Trailcat Concept can`t be under $28.000 that`s for sure. His release date isn`t yet estimated since this is still just a concept version but we think he won`t even be released in the 2018 year. We think that production version of Trailcat will be released at the beginning of 2019.

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