2018 Subaru Exiga Engine, Review

If we must choose one market category which don`t have definite winner that will definitely be big-size SUVs market. That is mostly because there isn`t that much big-size SUV models on the market because Companies think they can`t be that much attractive as medium-size or small-size SUVs. One of the potential leaders of that category could be 2018 Subaru Exiga which definitely have all it takes to reach the top. All that is left for him to do is to make customers want it.

2018 Subaru Exiga front

2018 Subaru Exiga will make you stunning

Biggest problem for all of the big-size SUVs is to reduce their weight because they still must be taken off-road if they want to be on the top. This new 2018 Subaru Exiga will try to do that with new platform which will be used and which will allow him to use as much carbon fiber and aluminum. There won`t be some iconic changes in the exterior design and all we know is that Subaru will try to give him some new lines which will make him more aggressive. Finest details on new 2018 Subaru Exiga will be his front part which will have everything totally modern and technologically advanced. For example, there will be newest LED lamps installed which will be extra useful and maybe the best thing about it is that those lights will use less energy. Both of the bumpers will be reinforced with more chrome and carbon fiber on it. Grille will remain the way it was, three chrome bars.

When you see that basic color inside new 2018 Subaru Exiga is black, and that black trim looks just amazing, you`ll say that there is no need to add some others. Great thing about this new Exiga is his instrument board which will be updated with some new functions added and with redesigned buttons and larger 10.5-inch LCD touchscreen which will allow you to control most of the functions inside new Exiga. His seats will be perfectly designed but because of the third row of seats which is present inside, cargo area isn`t that iconic or something to brag about. When you fold third, or even second row of seats, that is completely different story. 7 passengers can fit inside new 2018 Subaru Exiga and they`ll definitely enjoy the ride because entertainment system is amazing, safety functions are proved to work amazing, comfort level is highest and even higher because of dual-zone climate controller inside. There isn`t anything wrong about new Exiga so far, moving on to the engine.

2018 Subaru Exiga side

2018 Subaru Exiga is able for everything

There isn`t that much information about the engine compartment of new Exiga and we can`t say that we are sure how much engine unit will be offered with new 2018 Subaru Exiga. First and only unit which we`ve heard about is 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine is the one which can generate 173 hp and more than 235 lb/ft of torque amount. This engine will be petrol powered and we expect to see CVT transmission gear box which will allow new Exiga to have power transferred to all four wheels or just to front two ones. Those wheels are expected to be 17.0-inches alloy ones.

2018 Subaru Exiga interior

How high price can 2018 Subaru Exiga reach?

Starting price and release date is definitely something that Subaru will try to hide but we don`t understand why, isn`t better if the customers know what to expect from it. This new 2018 Subaru Exiga will, according to the rumors, be available at the January 2018 and we expect to see his price starting from $20.000 and going above.

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