2018 Suzuki iM4 Concept

Newest product that comes out of Suzuki`s factory is definitely going to be one real pleasure for everybody because it`s going to be perfect for people which lives in the city but which still wants to feel real 4×4 driving. That will definitely going to be one of the smallest SUV on the market because Suzuki really knows how to make them excellent. This new 2018 Suzuki iM4 Concept is presented on Geneva Auto Show few months ago and according to the customers responses, this iM4 won`t be just Concept any more, it`s definitely going to go in series production.

2018 Suzuki iM4 Concept front

2018 Suzuki iM4 Concept Redesigned style

Great thing about this new 2018 Suzuki iM4 Concept is that he`s based on Suzuki`s famous models Swift and Wagon R but adjusted for SUV. Because of that, new iM4 must be made on new platform, different than these two models. That new platform will allow them to use as much carbon fiber as they want in order to reduce overall weight of this small SUV. He have that fine boxy design which become to be extra popular among the customers and Suzuki will now do all they can to use that with 2018 Suzuki iM4 Concept.

We`re used to say that the nicest part of almost every vehicle is his front part but it really is, there is more room to be creative than on some other parts. New 2018 Suzuki iM4 Concept will have really well designed front part with really nicely done headlights in great square shape which suit him perfectly. Under them, we can see some nicely done round shape fog lights which are, as the headlights are, made in newly developed LED technology which gives better light with less energy to spend. One more great thing on the exterior of new 2018 Suzuki iM4 Concept is that he have really big air diffusers which can help the engine cool down better while keeping it running effective.

First thing that we must say about the interior of 2018 Suzuki iM4 Concept is that all we can see is steering wheel on the right side which tells us that this SUV will be primarily made for Australia but Suzuki`s officials made it clear that this SUV should go in the United States as well. If that happens to be true, we are going to be more than pleased with it. All we need to do is to imagine that the steering wheel is on left side of the cabin. What we can really notice inside is that his cabin is extra roomy and comfortable.

We must say that his instrument board really don`t look like super equipped but it isn`t jammed with so many useless buttons which is also good. There will be plenty of functions installed in new 2018 Suzuki iM4 Concept and we can really say that now we know he`s well equipped. It`ll have functions such as: USB, Bluetooth and Internet connectivity, climate controller, satellite navigation, anti-lock braking system (ABS), smartphone integration and plenty of others.

2018 Suzuki iM4 Concept side

2018 Suzuki iM4 Concept Improved power

Definitely thing that Suzuki paid the most attention to is his engine. First there will be 1.2-liter Dual Jet 4-cylinder with the power of 89 horses and around 80 lb/ft of torque. This is extra fuel efficient engine for new 2018 Suzuki iM4 Concept but real pleasure comes with second engine type. That is hybrid engine that connects 1.2-liter petrol unit with lithium-ion battery and integrated start generator. This great combination will be more than powerful and able to deliver more than 250 horse power and maximum torque amount of 276 lb/ft. Both AWD and FWD mode will be used to make him extra useful on the road. As we`ve mentioned, fuel consumption will be significantly reduced.

2018 Suzuki iM4 Concept rear

2018 Suzuki iM4 Concept Rumors about price and Release date

We`ve already say that because of the interested customers production of new 2018 Suzuki iM4 Concept will really going to start and because of that we know that he can`t be released before the autumn of 2018 and his price for the basic trim level can`t go under $18k.

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