2018 Suzuki Vitara Appearance, Style

Even though it hasn`t released yet, new 2018 Suzuki Vitara already have so much to proof. Vitara is surely Suzuki`s best-selling model. We are proud to say that we`ve seen him testing on the Suzuki`s tracks. This time, it looks awesome but we are here to bring him closer to you. It will surely host many different improvements but take a look yourself, it is really amazing and stunning with his appearance and design.

2018 Suzuki Vitara front

2018 Suzuki Vitara Appearance, Style, Exterior and Interior

It is obvious that 2018 Suzuki Vitara is covered with hard camouflage but we can see that he have suffered serious exterior cosmetic changes. Front fascia looks changed the most. We can see that the Vitara`s grille is bigger than before and it have more horizontal bars. Next to the grille, closer to it than ever before, we can see wider headlights that will be equipped with brand new lamps.

This time, they, as any other light on new Vitara, will use newly developed LED lamps which are proved to be amazing because they can use minimum energy which is somehow the goal of today`s car producers. On the sides of 2018 Suzuki Vitara we can spot that side mirrors are bigger than before which can made him safer than before. Back part of this magnificent SUV is also covered with camouflage but we can see that the bumper looks way bigger than before and that his rear glass is also bigger.

Cabin design of new 2018 Suzuki Vitara is still hard to imagine because Suzuki still don`t want to reveal anything about it. We know, based on his previous generations, that he`s going to be equipped with brand new seats and with so many new functions. This new Vitara is surely the SUV you want to have inside your garage. It`s going to welcome 5 passengers and you can be sure that all of them will enjoy maximum comfort and pleasure inside. What is also sure about new 2018 Suzuki Vitara is that some of his standard functions, in basic trim level, will be: emergency braking, rear-view camera, parking sensors all around the vehicle, hill assistant, blind spot monitors, cruise and traction control, Bluetooth and USB connection, digital climate controller and many others.

2018 Suzuki Vitara side

2018 Suzuki Vitara Engine, Transmission, MPG

We have heard about two engine options that can be placed under the hood of new 2018 Suzuki Vitara. First, basic choice will definitely be 1.6-liter inline-4 petrol powered unit. This engine can supply new Vitara with 120 horsepower and with torque amount of 114 lb/ft as maximum. Second, diesel powered engine will be 1.6-liter as well. This one can provide 120 horsepower and torque amount of amazing 236 lb/ft which is more than great. Both of these engines will be paired with 6-speed automatic transmission system and both of them are able to work on AWD mode. It is still unsure what will be his official fuel consumption but is estimated to be 23 mpg in combined driving city/highway.

2018 Suzuki Vitara interior

2018 Suzuki Vitara Price and Estimated Arrival Date

Starting price for new 2018 Suzuki Vitara can`t be under $29.000, you can be sure in that. When it comes to the release date when we can expect to see new Vitara, we are sure it can`t be released before May 2018.

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