2018 Toyota C-HR Exterior and Interior Style, Changes

Seeing that new 2018 Toyota C-HR will be released, we can say that 2018 year could be the period of Toyota`s leadership. If some model could help them to that, it is definitely new C-HR which is new model in Toyota`s lineup. New and brilliant we must say. Everything we`ve manage to hear and see about this car was enough to make us interested in him. Let`s see can we do that same for you. Here you are, new C-HR with all known details.

2018 Toyota C-HR front

2018 Toyota C-HR Exterior and Interior Style, Changes

First thing you`re going to notice on the exterior of new 2018 Toyota C-HR is that he have so much angles. Knowing that, you may wonder about his aerodynamic abilities but don`t worry, they`re going to be stunning. When it comes to the platform and chassis, new C-HR will be made using only lightweight materials such as carbon fiber, magnesium and aluminum. That will make him one of the lightest SUVs on the market. Other than that, it is obvious that some of the details on the exterior of new C-HR came looking on to some other Toyota`s models, for example, on new generation of Prius. His doors, nose and even hood look similar to the Prius. Toyota really used the popularity that Prius have.

New 2018 Toyota C-HR is made in more than one color which can also make him extra interesting for the customers. There will be more than enough color combination prepared for the exterior of new C-HR and we are sure the customers will love that. Looking again, we love new C-HR even more, no matter from what angle you look at him, and to repeat, it has so much of them.

Inside new 2018 Toyota C-HR we can say that Toyota`s engineers really put some extra effort to make him modernized. New, 7.0-inch touchscreen on the middle of the instrument board is greatest proof for that. This time, most of the buttons that Toyota has given to some previous generation were dropped. Most of the functions will be transferred to the touchscreen and some of the functions can even be controlled using only your own voice.

Climate controls will take central place on his instrument board and the climate vents will be larger now than they`ve been before. Also, one way how you can make your vehicle more modern and closer to the customers is to give him both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems inside. Well, new 2018 Toyota C-HR has them both. Other than that, it`s going to be equipped with: dual-zone climate controller, parking sensors, rear-view camera, blind spot monitors, emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, satellite radio and many others that Toyota still don`t want to reveal for their customers.

2018 Toyota C-HR rear

2018 Toyota C-HR Engine, Power, Abilities, MPG

As they don`t want to reveal some of the information`s regarding to the functions installed in this car, they don`t want to reveal more than one engine unit for new 2018 Toyota C-HR as well. That revealed engine is 2.0-liter inline-4 unit. This one can supply this SUV with 144 horsepower and with 139 lb/ft as torque amount. No doubt what engine will be under the hood of new C-HR we are sure it`s going to be mated to the CVT (continuously variable transmission) which will allow him to send all the power to all of the tires. When it comes to the fuel consumption, we are sure that this mentioned engine will have it 27/31 mpg city/highway which is more than decent.

2018 Toyota C-HR interior

2018 Toyota C-HR Price and Estimated Arrival Date

We are sure that new 2018 Toyota C-HR can`t be offered under the price of $24k and we are sure that his more demanding trim levels could easily reached $40k. Release date is scheduled to be around February 2018.

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