2018 VW CrossBlue Review

Honestly we must say that the German factories are slowly becoming more and more popular on the American markets and among the American customers because now even their vehicles are starting to become large and powerful. Design was always more than great from the Germans. Newest model, newest SUV which will hit US markets is 2018 VW CrossBlue which have the ability to conquer the entire world, not just United States. We`re all aware that Volkswagen knows how to make great SUV, we`ve seen it on Tiguan and Tuareg but new CrossBlue can be even better. Here it is, take a look.

2018 VW CrossBlue front

2018 VW CrossBlue Review of the Interior and Exterior

As we`ve said, German factories, Volkswagen especially, had never any problem with the exterior design and appearance. This new 2018 VW CrossBlue don`t have to worry about his style because we know that it`s going to be spectacular. Very massive and muscular exterior but still very fine designed with so many great details on it. Greatest thing is front part which have great chrome grille which continues on well-designed bi-Xenon headlamps with newly added LED daytime running lamps. Taillights on the back won`t be restyled but they`ll receive new LED lamps for better visibility. Some new lines are added on the sides of new 2018 VW CrossBlue and now he looks even better. It gained that needed muscle which can give him even better reputation.

Interior of new 2018 VW CrossBlue is maybe the best we`ve ever seen from Volkswagen, definitely for their 2018 SUV lineup. It`s unique and made using finest white leather in combination with metallic details. Seats are made with perfect white leather, the one that can provide you amazing feeling inside and it can give your SUV more luxury appearance. Great design of these seats will make you just sit back and enjoy the ride inside, no matter how long it is. To make it even better, VW gave him some of the newest and more advanced functions to control.

New 2018 VW CrossBlue will have installed: cruise control, rear view camera, parking sensors, Internet, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, traction control, hill assistant, bind spot monitoring, new audio and navigation system, digital climate controller and many others will be discovered as his release date comes closer. New 2018 VW CrossBlue will definitely become one of the famous SUVs because of his perfection, inside and out and maybe even under the hood, let`s take a look there.

2018 VW CrossBlue rear

2018 VW CrossBlue What is his power amount?

Yes, we were right. This new 2018 VW CrossBlue will have great example of engine unit under the hood so he`s going to be complete star for the 2018 year markets. He`ll be powered with 2.0-liter 4-cylinder unit which is alone capable to produce power of 190 horses and 379 Nm of torque amount. In his assistance comes two electric engines, powered on lithium-ion batteries. One on the front two wheels and other on the back ones. Front one alone is capable to generate power of 54 horses and torque amount of 180 Nm while back one is enough to supply new 2018 VW CrossBlue with 114 horse power and 269 Nm as his maximum torque amount.

These amazing engine combination will work in pair with 6-speed DSG dual clutch automatic gear box which will be great to reduce fuel consumption of new CrossBlue even more. Now it is estimated to be 33 mpg in the city and 37 mpg at the highway. Great speed and acceleration can be provided with this engine and transmission. Now, top speed of CrossBlue is estimated over 130 mph and acceleration from 0-60 mph can be reached in 7 seconds.

2018 VW CrossBlue interior

2018 VW CrossBlue Value and Estimated release date

Starting price of new 2018 VW CrossBlue is estimated to be around $32.000 and according to the latest rumors we think that it can`t go over that. Release date of new CrossBlue is estimated to be somewhere around the summer of 2018, probably in July of 2018 and he`ll been available.

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