2019 Dodge Journey Specs, Performances

We must say, for the price you`re paying, new 2019 Dodge Journey may just be the best SUV out there. With all the attention he`s receiving, we are sure it can`t go wrong at all. It`s going to be one really nicely designed and shaped SUV. His previous generations are showing that Dodge is on the right track when it comes to the designing Journey and this newest one will prove us that. Let`s see what is so special about new Journey that it is a must be seen SUV.

2019 Dodge Journey Front

2019 Dodge Journey Exterior Design, Review, Changes

First his shape. This time, it is announced to arrive on the new platform that will make his shape different. Different means better this time. Other than shape changes, which can make his edges become sharper, his weight is the effect with that platform changes. This time, the weight will be reduced thanks to more lightweight materials that can be used in the chassis. With the, we are sure that you`re getting one strong and functional SUV. New 2019 Dodge Journey will now arrive on 21.0-inch alloy wheels that`ll make him arrive with the brand new set of tires. Those tires are exclusive since they`re going to allow him to go off-road with no problem.  That is definitely one more thing we love about new Journey, he isn`t afraid to get dirty at all.

Looking to some details on his exterior, we can notice that Dodge will probably remain it all the same with some shiny materials used this time as the biggest difference. For example, the grille is made in the same shape and size as before but with chrome material that will make it shine and that will make it becomes classier. All in all, new Journey looks the same but it won`t be the same as before. It`s going to work way better than we know it. His shape is enough to make you feel that way. The stronger vehicle is surely something we all love. Well, new Journey will be exactly that.

2019 Dodge Journey Interior

2019 Dodge Journey Interior Changes, Style

There is no doubt that new 2019 Dodge Journey will take really high place when it comes to the SUV market. There won’t be that many SUVs that are similar to his design. To be honest, we still don’t have precise information’s about the interior design of new Journey but we are sure it’s going to be more than enough of what you’ve expected. There won’t be some drastic changes announced but we know it’s going to look amazing. We’ve heard that Dodge will create some new ambient lightning and that is really what’s going to make this new Journey feel different. You’re definitely going to feel the class inside new Journey. It looks superb.

The materials which are used to create new 2019 Dodge Journey are really special. There will be the great combination of leather and carbon fiber with the addition of some wooden details. It is obvious that Dodge’s designers have done all they can. With those materials, we’re sure this SUV can offer you something others can’t. This time, the seats will have better lumbar support and that is where the Dodge’s designers will pay the most attention to. Infotainment system will remain the same with some small software upgrades made. But, even with those functions, we are pretty sure you’re going to enjoy new Journey. It has all you need.

2019 Dodge Journey Rear

2019 Dodge Journey Engine, MPG, Transmission

Two different engine units are offered for new 2019 Dodge Journey. The first choice will be the 2.0.liter turbocharged 4-cylinder unit. This powerful engine can produce the power of 276 horses and torque of 295 lb/ft. Second, additional engine option will be the 2.9-liter V6 unit. This engine is stronger and he can develop 505 horsepower and torque amount of 443 lb/ft as the maximum. Both of these engine units will work in pair with the 8-speed automatic transmission system. With it, you can be sure that new Journey will be available with both RWD and AWD modes.

2019 Dodge Journey Price and Estimated Arrival Date

As we`ve said, new 2019 Dodge Journey is probably the best choice for the money you`re going to separate to get him. His price should be exactly $25k for his basic trim level. The release date for this fine looking SUV will probably go between February and May 2019.

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