2019 GMC Acadia Limited Review, Style

The world of SUVs is getting more and more excited. New 2019 GMC Acadia Limited is arriving somewhere next year. GMC is now convinced that new Acadia is going to be finer than before. There are a lot of different news about new Acadia available but we`re to give you the most reliable information`s since we have asked the GMC officials. Take a look at the best from new Acadia you can find.

2019 GMC Acadia Limited Front

2019 GMC Acadia Limited Redesign, Changes, Review

Even though there are some rumors that are saying that new 2019 GMC Acadia Limited won`t be redesigned on the exterior, we`ve heard some information`s that it will be. First, there will be redesigned shape with some sharper edges available to make him look stronger than before. GMC is great about that because it`s going to make him become more functional than before. It is meant to have its front fascia dropped lower than before. That is one more thing how you can make him become more functional. The air will now flow better all-around and under this mighty SUV. 21.0-inch alloy wheels are something that we know new Acadia will suit perfectly.

Both of the bumpers on 2019 GMC Acadia Limited are larger than before. Front one is made with stronger materials to make him reinforced while rear one will become only larger and equipped with better and different shaped details. Front one will have its fog lights larger and made to be circular-shaped. The grille is wider than before and made totally with chrome. As we`ve said, the rear bumper will be made larger than before and it`s going to have redesigned details. Just take a look at his taillights, they`re wider than before which will be made them almost connected with one another. Exhaustion pipes are also wider than before and made exactly on the edges.

2019 GMC Acadia Limited Interior

2019 GMC Acadia Limited Interior Style, Appearance

The cabin of 2019 GMC Acadia Limited looks like most of the SUVs will want theirs to look. This time, GMCs designers pushed it to step forward. This time, they`re trying to use only the premium materials to complete it. There won`t be plastic used inside new Acadia Limited at all. What is great is that his price won`t be affected by the number of premium materials used inside. GMC has announced that new Acadia Limited will be released with almost completely new instrument board. What we know is that it`s going to be released with fewer buttons on it which will affect his touchscreen grow to become 10.0-inches wide. Climate vents are larger now which is the amazing thing to do.

Entire infotainment system, or his functions to be precise, will receive software upgrades. Those upgrades will make them able to be controlled easier than before. 2019 GMC Acadia Limited is announced to be available for both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems which are surely the most important functions today. Besides that, there will be functions such as: rear-view camera, parking sensors, digital climate controller, blind spot monitors, adaptive cruise controller, overtaking assist, hill assist, traction control, Bose sound system, more airbags, more speakers, rain sensitive wipes and many additional ones.

2019 GMC Acadia Limited Rear

2019 GMC Acadia Limited Engine, Performances, MPG

Even though new 2019 GMC Acadia Limited is still announced with only one engine unit we`re more than satisfied with it. It`s going to be the perfect engine for this kind of SUV. That`s going to be the 3.6-liter V6 unit. This engine alone can create the power of 310 horses and it can create 271 lb/ft as its torque amount. This basic engine choice, as probably any other for new Acadia will be paired with the 6-speed automatic gearbox. This engine is going to be the one with reduced fuel consumption. Now, it is estimated to be 18/23 mpg city/highway which is more than perfect for this kind of SUV.

2019 GMC Acadia Limited Price and Expected Arrival Date

Starting price for 2019 GMC Acadia Limited can`t be under $46.000 because this is his most demanding trim level. Some lower ones could go below $32.000. The release date will probably appear before March 2019.

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