2019 Honda CR-V Exterior and Interior Design

One of the best small-size SUVs is about to get his new generation ready. Now, we`re talking about 2019 Honda CR-V. This time, Honda`s planning to really use his popularity which is definitely amazing. Especially on the European market. Now, they`re trying to transfer that popularity on the American market as well. For that cause, they`ve made some changes which are there to make him work the business on the US soil as well. Let`s see what they`ve changed on this amazing SUV.

2019 Honda CR-V Front

2019 Honda CR-V Exterior Design, Appearance, Style

As you probably know, new 2019 Honda CR-V is definitely going to be the leader among the small-size SUVs. What is sure about it is that they can’t become that over the night, they must go through severe changes and they must create some hard work. Previous generations of CR-V showed us that Honda’s designers and engineers are more than capable to produce the amazing car and that they’re willing to do some hard work. The exterior of CR-V is one thing to show us how serious they are. It’s going to be made using fantastic materials that are going to make his overall weight reduced. The carbon fiber and aluminum will be used in the biggest amount in the chassis. There will be some hard steel used in the chassis and that in the both of the bumpers. With it, they’re stronger than before.

The rest of the exterior of 2019 Honda CR-V is pretty much the same as it was before. It’s going to have that amazing headlight and amazing grille design. It is announced that the grille will be wider than before and that now, they’re going to be made using only chrome. On the rear end, new CR-V is equipped with larger rear glass to help the driver get better visibility. This Honda’s SUV will be placed on 21.0-inch alloy wheels which are larger than before. Other than increased size, with alloy wheels, new CR-V will look stronger and sportier. Now, Honda has announced that new CR-V will be equipped with some new lines as well, most of them will be placed on the sides. With it, we are sure that new CR-V will look way stronger than before.

2019 Honda CR-V Interior

2019 Honda CR-V Interior Design, Review, Materials

The interior of new 2019 Honda CR-V looks really amazing. It’s going to be made using amazing materials. Even the basic trim level of new CR-V will be made using soft and great materials. That will be basic cloth materials but we are sure that they’re splendid. Thanks to some reorganization inside, new CR-V can offer more room for the passengers inside than inside his previous generation. Those reorganizations will be made on the instrument board. Honda’s engineers have removed some of the buttons and controls and they’ve transferred them into the touchscreen which will be bigger than before. Now, it’s going to be around 11.0-inches wide.

Other than that, new 2019 Honda CR-V will have most of the controls available using voice controls. With it, you can be sure that new CR-V will be one of the best-equipped SUV on the market. It’s going to be one of the finest and most modernized SUV on the 2019 year market. Now, Honda’s engineers have said that they won’t add some new functions into the infotainment system. They’re going to make amazing software upgrades for those that were there before. Now, biggest changes inside will be in the seat design. They’re going to be made using amazing materials and great lumbar design. Also, they’ve announced more directions for adjustments to be made. With all that, we are sure that the passengers can enjoy every second of new CR-V.

2019 Honda CR-V Rear

2019 Honda CR-V Engine, Power, Transmission

Honda still doesn’t want to reveal all the information’s about new 2019 Honda CR-V. Because of that, we must turn our heads do the rumors that are going on. So far, we’ve heard for 3 different engine choices. 1st choice is surely 2.0-liter i-VTEC unit that can produce 165 horsepower and 145 lb/ft of torque. The 2nd engine for 2019 CR-V is 2.4-liter Earth Dreams i-VTEC engine unit. Using this one new CR-V can be supplied with 190 horsepower and 162 lb/ft of torque.

3rd engine option for new CR-V is 1.5-liter Turbo Earth Dreams i-VTEC unit. This engine is capable to create the power of 175 horses and torque of 191 lb/ft as the maximum. Every one of these 3 engines will be mated with 6-speed manual transmission system or with CVT. We are sure that every one of the engine choices for new CR-V will be available in AWD mode.

2019 Honda CR-V Price and Estimated Arrival Date

As we`ve heard, new 2019 Honda CR-V will be released at the beginning of 2019, probably in January. The starting price won`t be too expensive, it`s probably going to be somewhere around $26.000.

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