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2018 Lexus NX Review, Exterior and Interior

2018 Lexus NX front

One more brilliant Lexus`s SUV model will be named 2018 Lexus NX and he was announced and shown on the Shanghai Auto Show this year. There were so many interested and curious customers that have wanted to see this model. It was definitely one of the nicest there and we still can`t help ourselves thinking about him. New NX looks great and it really is shaped perfectly. All in all, it is one really good looking car. Take a look if you haven`t had a chance to do it before. New NX is here.

2018 Lexus RX 200t Review, Release date, MPG

2018 Lexus RX 200t front

Among the luxury and capable SUVs, new 2018 Lexus RX 200t will surely be placed high on that list. We are all fans of the job that Lexus is capable to do but now, we are about to see something new from them. This new RX 200t will really be great SUV which is amazing by his style and he can brag with more than decent power amount. This will be one of the strongest SUVs that Lexus has ever released from their factory. Let`s see is that something that Lexus could continue doing, let`s see how their first attempt will go.